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Gear Iconx Stock Clearence

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Gear Iconx Stock Clearence


Tired of detangling your earphones everytime you choose to hit the gym or go for a morning run? These Samsung Gear IconX earbuds are cord-free, lightweight, and ergonomically designed to accommodate your action-packed day by providing you with hassle-free music on-the-go. These earbuds are designed to provide you with a comfortable yet secure fit so that you can easily carry out intense exercise moves, without having to readjust the earbuds. And, to make sure that nothing comes in the way of your workout, these earbuds are also sweat resistant and can double up as an in-ear running coach. It does do by syncing with the Pace Setter feature on the Samsung Health forum. With the standalone music playback feature and the built-in storage of up to 4 GB, these earbuds allow you to listen to up to 1000 songs without being connected to your phone. This saves you the trouble of browsing through your numerous music tracks each time you want to change a song. Since time is of the essence, these earbuds also offer fast charging, up to five hours of music streaming, and up to seven hours of standalone music playback.

Product Description

The Samsung Gear IconX earbuds come with features such as Phone-free Use, Simple Tap to Control functions, and a Built-in Coach to ensure that you get your daily dose of exercise. This way, you not only get to burn calories, but you also get to do so while your favourite music motivates you in the background.

Go Phone-free

With the Gear IconX earbuds, you can choose to leave your phone behind as they can work as a standalone media player, once you upload your favourite music from your phone. You can also create separate music playlists for when you're at the gym, at work, or while commuting.

Tap to Control

You can simply tap on your Samsung earbuds to kick-start your playlists, navigate through your music tracks, and to turn up/down the volume as well. You can do all this without taking out your phone.

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Gear Iconx Stock Clearence
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